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Markdown files transformed into HTML by Morgan MurrahHome to the Every HTML Element Series Articles about every HTML element that exists, over 100 of them.


  1. <title>: Make it a good one🔗
  2. <style>: Inline optimizations for the bold🔗
  3. <head>: the single biggest render-blocker🔗
  4. <html>: The root of all things🔗
  5. <!DOCTYPE html>: a preamble🔗
  6. Every HTML Element examined🔗
  7. WebPageTest Power User🔗
  8. Learn X in Y Minutes, HTML edition🔗
  9. W3C Volunteering🔗
  10. Awards, Certificates & Certifications🔗
  11. A Raspberry Pi project: Ideas🔗
  12. A Profile Picture🔗
  13. New beginnings🔗