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WebPageTest Power User

The first test I ran with WebPageTest was Dec 07, 2022 5:14:31 AM UTC Virginia USA - EC2 - Chrome - Emulated Motorola G (gen 4) - 4G.

According to WebPageTest I have ran 570+ URLs, each time for multiple runs of the test, so likely triple that or more runs of WebPageTest. I think this makes me a power user of the .org website as an individual manually running tests. I was so proud one time to fix a typo in documentation as an open source contribution to the project:

WebPageTest is an incredible piece of engineering... I even bought their T-Shirt with their vintage logo.

A WebPageTest T shirt. Vintage style before Catchpoint rebranded

Desktop Cable Test of this website #

Mobile MotoG4 Test of this website #

Carbon Control: monitoring our energy usage #

A Carbon Control Badge for WebPageTest